Location: Gibraltar

Im going to be completely honest, my attention span right now, writing this blog, is not too good, I will make this short and to the point, my apologies.
Today we pulled into a territory of the United Kingdom known as Gibraltar. We made it into the main harbor around 9 am this morning with watch team 2 bringing us in through the thick fog. We went on the fuel dock first and filled all four large diesel tanks at a filling station. This took about 2 hours as we needed to take on almost 9,000 liters of fuel. While that was going on, the crew cleaned up the boat after all the mess that passage life can cause, and everyone ate lunch. After eating and fueling, the fog had thickened to the point that the port traffic authority had restricted travel in the harbor. Unable to move to our final docking spot, we waited another 2 hours and had a leadership development class in the salon. Finally, the all-clear was given, and we pushed off to the other side of the port. Soon after, at around 3 pm, we finally docked at our resting place for the next foreseeable days. We had a quick debrief, and were then given the remaining hours onshore to do as we pleased.
If I had to describe Gibraltar, I would say it is like a small island. They use there own money, and you can walk everywhere in 20 minutes. There is great shopping to be done on the main street, along with gathering groceries and laundering laundry. In summary, I am too focused on going out for more shore time with the other students on the boat to be spending much more time on this blog. Just know that we are having a great time and that we’re all happy to be in one place for more than a single day. Now, if you don’t mind, I will leave and continue to have the best time of my life exploring a foreign town/colony with my best friends.
Stay hungry stay foolish,
Jacob H.

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