Location: Gibraltar

After a night out in Gibraltar, most of the crew woke up at 6 am to go for a hike to the top of the rock that is Gibraltar. A few stayed behind to catch up on some sleep; for all of you back home, I am sure you know who those sleepers were. During the hike, the crew enjoyed a brisk, foggy morning with some additional crew members (apes). One of the new additional crewmembers even risked their life as a gesture to pull one of our very own out of the street as a car approached. When the hikers returned, we gathered to head to the University of Gibraltar for a talk on artificial reefs.
Sleepers were slow to rally, but we finally made it to the university to hear a very interesting lecture on artificial reefs in Gibraltar. These reefs we had heard about will be the ones we will go diving to see tomorrow. Most of us will go diving at the artificial reefs. However, a few of us who have fallen ill by the boat plague of sore throats and tired bodies will remain behind.
Future plans were changed to accommodate for a storm in the Atlantic that is producing 12-meter waves. Don’t worry everyone; we are avoiding these waves much to the despair of the thrill-seekers in the crew. Despite our adrenaline seeking tendencies, we will be heading to a sheltered marina to avoid the storm this time and will do just that. We may not be ready to handle a sea like that quite yet, but we will be ready for it if or when it comes. We are all becoming experts on Argo.

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