Location: Gibraltar

Waking up to pastries by our chefs, we indulged our pallets at the base of The Rock draped in heavy early morning fog. After sending our morning dive group off to survey Gibraltar’s artificial reef, the remaining crew moved Argo to the other side of the marina and were then allowed to head off for a little free time. Our free time has become precious to us, with midterm due dates quickly approaching. Therefore, it only made sense that we scattered to the nearest cafes for hot chocolate, coffee, and tea before beginning our essays. Obviously, none of us left them to the last minute. We all reconvened at noon for a quick lunch before the second dive group, followed in the footsteps of the first. Those that returned said the dive site was amazing and full of colorful sea creatures. It was a bit colder than our previous dives, but no one complained as it was way too cool a site to have missed. Now it is dinnertime here, and we have been efficiently worn out from studying and diving all day, but we still relish the chance to eat under the now fog-free Rock eclipsing the would-be skyline. Everyone is in high spirits as we prepare for a group night out bowling and relaxing. Needless to say, cleanup seems to be moving much faster tonight than usual.
P.S. – Bowling was great! Carmen and RJ were the ringers of the group (each scoring well over 170), but the rest of us had a great time putting a strike or two on the board.

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