Location: CA

It has been four days since I have arrived back in Southern California, and I am already going crazy. California is on total lockdown, beaches are closed, parks are closed, all the restaurants are take out only, and I can’t see any of my friends. Movies, video games, board games, drawing,and practicing my knot tying doesn’t come close to filling in for being on the rocking and rolling deck of Ocean Star.

While I could be focused on all of the negatives of being stuck at home, I focus on the positives, like how I have all of these amazing memories from beautiful Ocean Star, my home away from home. So many amazing memories from those 45 days, one of my favorites being when we had our sign-out night in Saint Kitts and Nevis.

We all got to be together at a huge table outside right on the beach where we ate a great dinner of chicken, rice, salad, and some of the best ribs I have ever had. After dinner, we got to walk around on the beach under a full sky of stars, and I got to talk to an amazing local guy for an hour and a half, drinking coconuts and talking about life. At the end of the night, he gave me a necklace, and as I am sitting in my backyard in the sun writing this, thousands of miles away from those beautiful islands, I am still wearing that necklace.

I would love nothing more than to be back on Ocean Star with my crew family and be under full sail heading off on another amazing adventure. Even though I may be stuck in my home, I will forever have these memories with me from Ocean Star.

To my Ocean Star family, I hope you are all healthy and making the most of this quarantine, I miss the lot of ya like crazy, and I hope that we can all meet up again after all of this craziness is over, maybe back on our home away from home…

From your family crew member,