Location: MA

Hello blog readers; including staff, students, and family members,

The last time that you had the pleasure of hearing from me personally, the Sea|mester students were still aboard our floating home of Ocean Star, anchored in Antigua. However, I now get the pleasure of creating this blog from my couch in Massachusetts. It has been strange adjusting to life back in the States, especially with all of the craziness going on. I dont know if I can speak for the other students from S/Y OS, but I think productiveness sky-rockets while you are aboard the ship. Even daily tasks and jobs that we had aboard have been missed while weve been sent away. I hope that Sash takes good care of the ensign. Flying the ensign is something that I miss so greatly, I have resorted to hanging the Star-Spangled Banner outside of my home. My watch still has three alarms set right before 8:00 am, and I dont think I will be turning them off anytime soon. Along with the ships ensign, the warm breeze that sends her waving is also missed, since here in MA; it reached a high of 50 degrees F today. Yesterday we had snow, which was quite surprising since I thought it was supposed to be spring.

The first night of sleeping in a bed doesnt seem like such a strange occurrence. However, when you are finally able to sit up straight in your bed without giving yourself a minor headache, then you can essentially hear angelic choirs singing. I was also alarmed when I had finished a meal and was able to put my dish in the dishwasher. I literally stated, Wow. We have one of these?

Although the perks of living in a home do not go unnoticed, there are an infinite amount of characteristics of Ocean Star and the Sea|mester voyage that will never be forgotten. Therefore, I will list a few;

Slipping and sliding on deck, after someone spilled their shampoo from showering
Having the time of our lives, throwing oven mitts up- and dropping them down the Gopher hole
Topping the booms with the quarter lifts, and wondering how much higher we needed to go before our arms fell off (but in a good way)
Having leadership class on deck, and asking fellow classmates to speak up because of the wind carrying their voice away
Going into the Laz to grab scuba gear, and exiting feeling like Indiana Jones
Flaking the sails, which is like you are trying to tame a wild beast, only to do it again later because it would come out looking horrendous
Reminiscing about our voyage to Grenada, and the fact that we were thriving
Launching ourselves off of the boom swing, set up by the staff in St. Lucia, which was the most amazing thing to see after class was over
Being woken up for anchor watch, and hoping that nothing remarkable occurs during your hour
Hearing laughing and cheering when someone would do a good dive, or back-flip, off of the boat during showers
Pulling into Tobago Cays, and seeing the bluest water weve ever seen in our lives
Observing the stars during overnight passages, using them to the helm, and trying to memorize what being in that moment felt like
I have read the last few blogs, and I am glad that the staff is able to keep themselves occupied by doing BAs and such, while we all obey our self-quarantine. I hope they dont miss us too much. Although, I find it super strange that there is not the constant chitter-chatter of 19 other voices around me at all times. However, I look forward to the future and to the next time our paths cross. Our first virtual squeeze went well tonight as I asked everyone the question, If you were proficient at an extreme sport, what would it be?

We all look forward to doing it again tomorrow.

Shoutout to the Ocean Star Staff- Steve, Sasha, Lauren, and Amanda. I really hope to see you soon- lol

Until next time,

Kasey Z