Location: English Harbor, Antigua

Today the crew got up at 7 am. We ate eggs and good ol’ bacon for breakfast. Once the cleaning was complete, the open water divers were able to finish their confined open water training. The Advanced open water divers were able to get some shore time. Both activities lasted close to 2 hours. When finished, everyone returned to the boat for lunch, which consisted of Mediterranean deli sandwiches. After that, our staff proceeded to teach us about the safety drills and guidelines in case of an emergency. Once we were all briefed, we started to get Argo ready to sail tomorrow. Then we set a course for English Harbor where we stayed two nights ago. We had dinner once we docked, which was some really good pasta and Italian sausage. Then we finished with the squeeze: the question of the night was, “what is one unique tradition you and your family have for the winter holidays?” Once the cleanup crew did their thing, we all came down to the saloon to have a quick intro to academics. Finally, everyone organized their cabins to meet 40-40 standards. Then we were soothed to sleep by the rocking of the boat.