Location: Palma, Mallorca, Spain

As I walked into the chart house of my second home, Argo, to write the blog for today, I didn’t expect to encounter such writer’s block. When I sat down in front of the tabletop where we Argonauts have been plotting our location until our current position, I noticed the “Day 41” label on the folder where I was expected to write today’s events. Unfortunately, most of what happened today were swept aside by the abundance of experiences we’ve had up until now. “Day 41” means that not only have 41 days have passed, nor that only nine days remain, but it means, most importantly, that the experiences the 23 of us have created together will soon come to an end. For most, this idea seems unworthy of thought because it provokes an inevitable sadness. I have realized that where we stand, NOW, is the sole purpose of these voyages. We stand with our heads held high, seeking adventure and waiting for the unknown thrills of the world to sweep us up into our own epic adventures that we will one day share with our children. Slow as we may have started, the relationships between student and student and the relationship between student and staff member have skyrocketed to a whole other level. Most of us are proud to announce our own personal development and look forward to taking these changes along with us back home. From California to South Florida, the 23 of us span the US and Costa Rica, but we aren’t letting the distance deter us. The fact that plans are already being initiated to maintain friendships is amazing to experience and be a part of. For all of the parents back home, I hope that you are as proud of your child as each of us is proud of one another. Much has been accomplished, and these accomplishments are only setting the scene for the rest of our lives.

Despite the reminiscing of the past, today was just as much of a blast as any other day. There was an optional hike scheduled for the group that extended about 7-8 miles according to some and 14, according to others. The hike was from Dia to Soller, two beautiful cities nestled in Palma. The group enjoyed fresh orange juice on a sheep farm and also enjoyed the views such as caves that paved their path along the way. Others opted to explore on their own, where they spent time on the beach and hopelessly searching for rentable mini sailboats (hopeless due to the fact our Spanglish hindered any ability to communicate properly with the island’s natives).

As of last night, we welcomed the Ben haircut onto Argo with open arms. For those back home, “The Ben” is a Ben Diamond original featuring the Euro haircut with a little flare. Talks of the Euro haircut have been tossed back and forth the whole entire trip until Harper rested the fate of his hair into Ben’s hands last night. I must say that watching the haircut take place was quite nerve-wracking since 1. it took place in the dark and 2. Ben may or may not have cut a little too short on one certain section. It, however, turned out great and sparked a flare in 2 other crew members to get it done today after the hike. Mitch and Rudy walked into the barbershop with Harper, pointed at him, and said: “I want that.” Tomorrow we expect a few more “Bens” on board, and it’s safe to say that we have started a new and up-and-coming trend.

Around 6 pm, we all reconvened for dinner and cleaned up before departing for our first night out in Palma. While most of the group is in search of local sangria, the “youngins” on board (meaning myself and all the other 17-year-olds) will most likely hunt down some Gelato. It is currently 8:14, and the night has barely started. As always, we are looking forward to whatever comes our way and wishing our friends and family back home some peace and quiet before our return back home. Buenos Noches!