Location: Palma, Mallorca, Spain

Today we spent another beautiful yet scorching day in Palma. It was our free day, which means we were allowed to roam the city as we pleased. We had the option to organize our own excursions or simply hang around the boat. Last night we were out late discovering the nightlife of Spain, enjoying ourselves, and reminiscing about trip memories. Needless to say, it was a pretty slow morning, but thankfully before we went out, we voted to sleep for an extra hour instead of waking up at the usual time. Once everyone started moving in the morning, we enjoyed some warm pancakes prepared by the chefs before heading out. On previous free days, everyone has stepped off the cap rail and onto the dock the second we were dismissed, not that we didn’t want to hang out with each other, but we simply wanted to go explore -but today was a bit different. Instead of rushing off, everyone hung around a bit. The majority of us either took a nap or did some studying for our MTE final tomorrow. Although we are all excited to see our friends and family again, we are also all, deep down, wishing this was the 90-day semester instead. Around lunchtime, everyone started getting a bit hungry, so we packed up and headed out. Whenever we go out, it is a bit hard to keep 20+ people together, so we often break into smaller groups. Some shipmates headed to a nearby beach while others roamed the back streets, stopping at every gelato and pastry shop around. Around 4 pm, everyone started to head back to the boat. We mostly debated about who found the best food -that was mostly gelato but other stuff as well. Oddly enough, just like this morning, we all came back a bit early, hoping to spend some quality at “home” on Argo. We again enjoyed nicely prepared lasagna, then attended one of our final OCE class sessions, watched some TV and movies, and called it an early night. Tomorrow we spend our final day in Palma and take our MTE Navigational Final. Good luck to everyone on that.