Location: Agadir, Morocco

After a long week of passage and midterms, we were off to Marrakech. The three-hour bus ride from the docks was filled with chatting and the noise of movies playing from the laptops. When we arrived in the city, there were markets and shops everywhere selling whatever you wanted. First, we got off the bus and toured a local palace right outside the square. The grounds of the palace looked like something out of a movie. There were gardens filled with bitter orange trees and many beautiful flowers. Inside, the walls and ceilings had amazing artwork painted on them, and even the outside was covered in beautiful gardens and marble floors. After the tour, we set off down a side street for the grand bazaar, which is the huge, central market. This street had nothing on it, and I was wondering to myself where are we going. Then, however, the market popped up out of nowhere, and we were in something that you might see in a movie: vendors as far as the eye could see, everyone trying to see if you wanted to buy their products, etc. This is where the art of making a deal comes in to play. You walk into the store looking at something, and they give you a price that is twice as high as the price they are trying to get. My first deal of the day involved a wool poncho. After long negotiations and walking out of the store, I was able to get his 40-dollar poncho down to 15. As we walked through the market, I realized that everything in the market was sectioned off to sell the same items so that the vendors could work together to make a deal. After a long day haggling with vendors, we went to look at a mosque during sunset. Then it was off to dinner, where we would enjoy some local foods. After that, we got back into the vans and headed off to the mountains to go GLAMPING.

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