Location: Agadir, Morocco

Agadir baby!!!!!
My morning was spent on anchor watch with the shrimpy smell of fish emanating from the nearby fishing port. (Wish you were here top enjoy). We all got to enjoy a nice sleep in until 7:30 and were woken up by some lively traditional Irish music. Once everyone had risen from their slumber, the day started as it normally does, breakfast, briefing, and clean up. However, on this special mid-way-through-the-trip day, we got to something even better… BOAT APPRECIATION!! This entails cleaning every inch of Argo top to toe, on our hands and knees scrubbing floors, and climbing in chain lockers to de-rust and de-dust everything. As horrible as it sounds, it is extremely satisfying as the passage usually leads to very untidy bunks and an untidy salon. It also gives us a chance to give back to the yacht that has safely sailed us through over 2107nm of sea and ocean. Argo becomes more and more like home every day.
Once BA was complete, we had time to relax while the docking situation was being organized. This gave much time to catch up on work that they were behind on, getting a head start on other work, or catch up on some sleep. The boat was filled with the smell of yummy food, snores, and the background noise of movies playing.
Shortly before dinner, we were given the go-ahead to dock, so everyone moved into gear and had fenders and dock lines out within minutes. Captain Ben maneuvered us into position with precision, and we were soon ready to gorge ourselves on dinner. We made friends with the local husky dog whose owner put him in charge of guarding the docks, and we are all missing our pets now because of this. He wasn’t much of a guard dog, though, because he was far too friendly. We are about to have EFR class, which is First Aid/CPR, and am getting politely but aggressively encouraged to finish up as I am taking too long. So until next time, my ever enthusiastic families, friends, and random readers. Have fun, be safe and we love and miss you all incredibly. (even you, you random online reader). [we see you….]

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