Location: En Route to Agadir

Day 44, like many other days, started for my friends and me at four in the morning with watch. Despite our distinct lack of sleep we had to maintain a more vigilant than average lookout as, to the best of my knowledge, every fishing boat off the coast of Morocco decided that they all wanted to drag their nets around us in a minefield pattern (I believe they did this for kicks and giggles.) After a long period of careful navigation, the sun rose, and we all gathered in the saloon for oceanography. We had to take the last of what you could consider our midterms. We then promptly decided to delay our next class and everyone except those taking PSCT dispersed to either finish incomplete work or to make up on long-overdue sleep. Some of the smaller things that happened today were that our small bird friends took a liking to sit atop people’s heads, and we managed to catch a few small fish from our dragging lure. On another, smaller, side note I completed my initiation into watch team one by eating the fishes beating heart; proud of me, mom?

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