Location: Equator

Today was a great day had so much fun! Land ho! The first thing I saw was really, really far off in the distance, an island! Started the day off at 8 am with my underway watch team (go watch team 2!!). The wind picked up, and we were able to raise the main sail, which is always fun! Another super hot day as we approach the equator. After lunch, everyone was trying to cram into the last little bit of shade outside before heading down below for classes. We started off classes with our favorite, marine bio, with Professor Peanut. We learned about the open ocean and the different zones within it. Next was leadership class; this was the highlight of my day.

Groups of 2 people all got to sign up for different sections of our leadership book and got to lead the class on their chosen section. Barbara and I got to work together again (my favorite partner! 🙂 )! We did our section on Relational leadership! It ended up being super fun. We shared our PowerPoint and used a stuffed lama named Kusco to throw at people when they wanted our questions to be answered. This made sitting in the class way more fun! We also included two activities. One of which was getting someone who had left the room to complete a task ( we had Perry make a cup of tea) without knowing the task and only being able to tell him yes and no ( it was like the game, hot and cold) and working as a team to fulfill a purpose ( which lined up with our lesson). He was able to make a cup of tea in 2 minutes and 37 seconds, with nothing other than yes and no.

The other activity had the class split into two groups, one with a leader and one without. They each had to stand in a circle and close their eyes, tie a knot with their hands by grabbing each other’s hands at random, and then try to untie the knot. (The group with the leader finished first.) After class, we had almost reached the equator again, although we had two new people who had not yet been. We commenced another equator ceremony. It was so much fun! After counting down the time till we crossed, the water was calm enough that we were all able to jump in and swim across the equator, which was super cool! Only 29 more days of this trip. That’s so crazy to think about!

From Lexi
Dear Mom and twin, I miss you so much, thinking of you every day can’t wait to see everyone again!

From Barb
Dear Family, I can’t wait to see you all again and eat delicious Chinese food together.