Location: Las Palmas Gran Canaria

We have safely arrived in Gran Canaria this afternoon, and we now find ourselves tied up across from the massive “Navigator of the Seas” out of Nassau. NOTS is a Royal Caribbean cruise liner that we figuratively bumped into all along the passage. She is quite a bit faster than Argo with a cruising speed of 20kts to our 6kts and therefore passed us early on in the passage. We caught back up to her later the next evening after she stopped in Lanzarote, and we then passed her again later that night. It was a fun passage from Agadir, Morocco, but of all the passages so far, it was the least eventful. The fish have gotten wise to the cedar plug lure and refused to bite, and the wind was low, making for poor sailing. The students are becoming adept at the more technical aspects of the ship now, and are capable of running many of the systems onboard with confidence. They constantly hunger for more responsibility and knowledge when it comes to running the vessel. I am having tons of fun myself teaching and learning with the students. Ian W and Colin have been practicing and learning celestial navigation and take sights every day around noon. It is also important to note that it was Ian W birthday yesterday, so we made him a super unique card and baked him some gluten-free brownies. Tomorrow we are in for some diving and for more navigation practice! I hope everything is all well and good back home.

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