Location: El Puerto De la Luz, Grand Canaria

As the sun rose on this glorious morning, it marked our first full day in Gran Canaria. Every day the crossing of the Atlantic grows closer, and everyone awaits in angst to move on to yet another part of our epic journey. After awakenings, breakfast began promptly on time, and the morning announcements were made. Half of us were to pack our bags and head to the northwest to begin diving operations; the other half was to make the journey the next day. We managed to explore two wrecks upon this glorious day and met a strange ogre-like creature that guided us through. Upon the dive, we observed many strange and beautiful creatures as well. I myself got to witness the rare Sea Mole in its natural habitat, which was quite the experience. Tomorrow’s dive shall hopefully be as smooth and adventurous as today.
Till Next Time
Raymond D. Fernandez XIII

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