Location: La Puerta De La Luz, Gran Canaria

Greetings family, friends, and followers!
In the past twenty-six days since I was the last skipper, I have been informed by Ian, my former watch team leader, and blog overseer, that is against SeaMester policy to recount the plots of nautical themed movies as if they were actually happening to the crew of Argo. Also, hijacking someone else’s blog and writing a sentence about the students signing timeshare agreements is frowned upon. Fun or humor of any kind is generally discouraged on the blog, as it is with all aspects of life aboard this ship. So without taking any artistic liberties, here is an account of today’s events: (BLOG MASTER’S NOTE: Fun and humor are in fact encouraged, but must remain in good taste)
The crew of Argo was slow to wake this morning. When my fellow shipmates would not get out of their bunks, I decided it was time to step up my game and blast “Call Me Al” by Paul Simon. I wish I could start every morning with this song, but nobody else seemed pleased. Like a heard of turtles, the Argonauts made their way on deck for some yogurt and granola. After breakfast, the group split into two. Those who went scuba diving yesterday headed to the saloon to review some Navigation Master problems before we had free time onshore for the rest of the day. The other half spent the day diving a wreck with a local dive charter.
A handful of the crew spent their shore time back in the water. A few caught the surfing bug back in Morocco and decided they couldn’t get enough of the sport, so they rented boards today. Others found Wi-Fi to make sure they could take care of registering for classes for when we eventually have to return to real life. I wandered aimlessly around Las Palmas until I found an inviting looking cafe. Here I waited out the rain with a cup of coffee and an incredible omelet. I took this opportunity to FaceTime with my wonderful parents. My three-legged dog named Pete made an appearance on FaceTime. My favorite marine mammal is an orca whale. My favorite terrestrial mammal is my three-legged dog, Pete.
By the time everyone made their way back to Argo, Tina was hard at work in the galley, cooking up some delicious ribs and mac & cheese. We can always count on Tina for some amazing meals. Everyone was absolutely thrilled and completely covered in barbecue sauce. Parents, your children are going to return with wonderful stories about once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but as a trade-off, we will all have absolutely terrible table manners.
Soon we are going to have a marine biology class. Steve, our resident marine biologist, just informed me we are going to be learning about Poseidon. He’s only joking. We are actually learning about the Loch Ness Monster tonight! Ironically, in my last blog post also contained a few sentences about Poseidon. This section was cut out before the blog was published. (BLOG MASTER’S NOTE: It was cut because it was a fictitious segment about how the boat nearly sank followed by the phrase “Just kidding,” which I, the blog master thought some folks back home might be upset with)
Tomorrow we have a quick passage to Tenerife, our final stop before we cross the Atlantic ocean! It’s hard to believe we’ve almost reached this part of our voyage. I’m still struggling to comprehend what life underway for this long will be like, but I am incredibly excited. Stay tuned; there is much more to come!

All the best,
Additional Blog Master’s Note – None of this blog was censored. Only an addendum here and there to clarify and defend against unfair criticism.