Location: Underway to Havana, Cuba

Another day en route to Havana — which we all know will be amazing. Another day on the passage, but with one sad caveat: this is the last time we’ll be with our current watch teams. Someone needs to be awake on the boat at all times, so students and staff are split into three watch teams of 7 people each, one of them being ‘on watch’ the entire time. The watch teams are great, and we all know that our own watch teams are the best. Our closest friends on the boat are on our watch teams just because of the amount of time we spend together, having chats in the cockpit or deep talks on bow watch — so changing teams will be sad. There’s a silver lining, though: hopefully, our new watch teams will become as close as our old ones did in the first half of the trip. Only time will tell.
In other news, Jim Stoll, the founder of Seamester and owner of Argo, taught our student leadership class today. As the saying goes, with age comes experience, and with experience comes wisdom — which is definitely true in his case.
If all goes well, we’ll arrive in Havana around sunrise tomorrow, where new adventures and experiences await!
(P.S. Hi Mom, Dad, Caitlin, and Aidan!!)