Location: Santa Cruz de Tenerife

This morning I woke everyone up and played some grateful dead over the speakers. We didn’t have any eggs, so we just had cereal, melon and no muffins for breakfast. Carmen told Ian, our head chef today, that you can just use applesauce instead of eggs. How about that? Ian had already started the batter when he discovered we had no eggs, so he made the muffins and passed them out to everyone as we left the boat for some shore time until lunch. They were blueberry applesauce muffins and were very good. The egg shortage wasn’t long lasted, for our mega-provision would arrive later that afternoon…I spent this morning’s free time at the closest big supermarket doing some provisioning of my own. I bought about 75 Euros worth of snacks consisting of nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, chocolate, candy, granola bars, cookies, doughnuts, chips, pretzels, Gatorade, canned peaches and a jar of pickles. In Palma de Mallorca, I bought some netting at a fishing shop and fashioned a nice storage space above my bunk to store all this food. Colin, who sleeps above me, wishes he had one. He sleeps with a lot of his junk. I don’t know how he does it. Just as lunch was being served, the mega provision arrived. It was all hands on deck. Everyone formed a huge assembly line, and we passed bags of groceries from the van, down onto the dock, up the step ladder, up the gangway, onboard, forward to the gopher hole and down into the salon and galley. It took probably about twenty minutes. Lunch was chicken Cesar wraps, which was good, but I also had some of Colin’s beer-battered fish and chips from last night, which was excellent despite being cold. After lunch and cleanup jobs, everyone helped out putting away provisioning, and with a few other passage prep jobs. After a few hours of work, everything was just about finished, and we were released for some more free time until dinner. I went to the Laundromat and picked up my laundry, and I sat at the marina building and used the Wi-Fi to screenshot some harmonica tab. The dinner was very good. We had pork chops, applesauce, mashed potatoes, baked beans, broccoli and mushrooms, and sauted peppers and onions, all topped with a smooth, creamy gravy. Tonight we have a passage briefing class to prepare for the crossing, study time aboard, and our last chance to take a hot, freshwater shower at the marina’s facilities. We are all very excited to take on the Atlantic Ocean in all her magnificence… starting tomorrow
Until next time, Trevor Mayes
Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies Farewell and adieu to you ladies of Spain…