Location: Atlantic day 1

Gone surfing, gone fishing, gone star gazing, gone dolphin spotting, gone sailing – we are gone for two and a half weeks!
25kts of NE wind is helping push us down South as we go in search of the trade winds that will take us West across the Atlantic. The swells pile up behind the back of the boat before picking up Argo’s stern. The helm anticipates what Argo wants to do and turns to starboard to keep her straight as she roles gently in that direction. The sound of white water and Argo rides the swell like a 150-tonne surfboard. We watch the speed over the ground on the display – 7…8…9….10kts. We are surfing!
We are excited to be setting off on our 2700nm trip ‘across the pond.’ That is 200nm further than we have sailed on the whole trip thus far. It has been fantastic getting to see some of the sights and cities of Western Europe and Morocco. Still, we are all looking forward to getting away from the distractions of land and settling into the rhythm of a long voyage (and to escape the European winter). Passage life generally revolves around a 4hr on 8hr off schedule with a couple of 2hr dog watches to help make sure you don’t have the same time slot every day. This can seem tiring at first, but once you have gone through the rotation a couple of times, you usually find it gives you quite a bit of free time.
We hope the wind continues – with it, we should get to Dominica around the 29th of November.

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