Location: Atlantic Day 2: 23*19.15N by 19*43.73W

Ahoy Friends and Family!!
Today we ate salad for lunch. This is remarkable news considering fresh fruits and veggies will be nonexistent during the later part of our crossing. After lunch, we had class, we learned about estuaries. Afterward, we had group showers on deck, and the watch cycle continued. We’ve started washing our trash that can’t be thrown overboard. It’s funny to think that a plastic bottle of Gatorade will be on a journey of a lifetime along with us. Many of us went grocery shopping at our last port and loaded up on coffee, candy, and other snacks to munch on between meals. The winds were quite favorable today. The mainsail remains full, and Argo moves onward with the power of the wind. Our first mate, Wiggy, has constructed a marvelous wind directional device to help us steer the best course. The “Arrow 2.0” is a ribbon of garbage bag tied to the backstay, incredibly accurate, and available in night vision. If we follow this piece of technology, it will reveal the Trade winds and take us to the Caribbean.

Sending Love Always,

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