Location: Atlantic Day 3: 22*17.22N by 21*47.47W

Yeah, that’s right, another day on Argo, only today happens to be in the middle of an ocean called the Atlantic. Let’s see, today, we are still underway across the Atlantic, day 3 of our 18-day crossing. In the past 24 hours, we did 153 miles, and the main engine has been off for three full days. We move on nothin but sail power!!! (the engine just turned on during the writing of this blog… ironic).
Ooooh and today was staff Ian’s birthday, and Carmen made us a chocolate cake for the occasion, it was so good!

My life of recent has been nothing but Sleep, Eat, And watch, and as of now, I’m back off to sleep.
(A side note for my adventure partner, sleep well, be happy, and have good dreams, I will see you soon)
Jacob Harper
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish