Location: Atlantic Day 4: 21*21.87N by 24*28.69W

After four wonderful days sailing across the Atlantic, the wind decided it no longer wanted to play. No more silence on the seas as we dropped the mainsail and turned on the engine. Now we motor while anxiously awaiting for the next sign of wind to arrive. Today was a very special day for the crew as we had our third consecutive First Annual Shower!!! There is never a dull moment aboard Argo; whether we are taking an oceanography quiz after a restless night’s sleep or watching dolphins ride our bow, there is nothing quite like life aboard Argo.
After an afternoon filled with class, quizzes, showers, and study time, we gathered together to eat a wonderful pizza dinner. The pizza was scrumptious, prepared by cook team pi (RJ, Tina, and Stephen). As dinner ended, we broke into our cleaning teams to wash Argo one last time before the start of a new day. Those whose watch schedules allowed either put some last-minute study hours in or napped before a full night of watch. There is, after all, no time off while crossing the Atlantic Ocean. After four rather full days, at sea, we have covered approximately 690 miles. We are making great time, but not good enough to make it home for thanksgiving much love to you all. And we will be talking again soon.

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