Location: Atlantic Day 5:

There are not many places in the world I can wake up at four am and be happy with. However, when you wake up includes the warm southern ocean breeze, moonlight so bright your shadow dances along the cap-rail,, and a blanket of puffy clouds to keep watch under, there is hardly anything to complain about. As the sun rose and the shipmates stirred to coffee and cereal, all those awake relished the brilliant hues the morning sun afforded us. We did some things, saw some stuff, tanned our pasty thighs in the sweltering sun, and watched pods of dolphins do their thing. Now, as cleanup gets underway and I am relegated downstairs to write your daily entertainment, I can spot from a tinny porthole the beautiful sunset in its descent to civil twilight and no doubt what will become an even more breathtaking nautical twilight as all these evenings seem to yield so ephemerally. We are all having the passage of a lifetime, and we miss each and every one of you just as much I miss my sunsets from anywhere but a porthole. We’ll see you soon in the other hemisphere!
P.S. We took our first-annual November 16th showers today. Stay classy, Seamester.

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