Location: Atlantic Day 7: 21*16.65N by 30*07.89W

Hello, international blog followers everywhere,
All is calm on board today as we continue out into the Atlantic. The sea has been flat and the wind light. Energy onboard is increasing as everyone adjusts to the rhythm of ocean-crossing life.
Our days are simple out here. With horizon in all directions and only the whales, birds, and fish for company, we judge the passing of time by the sun, stars, and the increasing length of some rather questionable facial hair.
My British mustache
This November my mustache has been growing,

In the last few days, the trade winds have stopped blowing.
On watch team one we listen to songs about apple bottom jeans, boots with fur, and cars,
But I often zone out and get lost in the sense of wonder, whilst gazing at the stars.
The bioluminescence off the stern right now is strongly glowing,
And I’m pleased that science experiments, Astro nav, and boat projects onboard today have been flowing.
(All the time the mustache keeps growing.)
But its not always easy to handle(bar) being this far away from shore…
Not having listened to the news in a week…or more…
What’s the latest fashion? And who is at war?
But being out here gives us a rare chance to experience raw and powerful nature, and regain a sense of awe.
Don’t worry; I won’t get too weepy.
Nor must I let this mustache get too creepy.
I’m able to report to parents that there has been no misbehaving.
Did I mention that my top lip I have not been shaving?
Thats all from Argo’s teacher, who is still getting used to his new facial feature.
To end, I have two things for you to remember:
1. Light winds have been the test of sailors for hundreds of years.
2. All dodgy facial hair shall be removed by the start of December.