Location: Atlantic Day 8: 21*05.55'N by 32*44.77'W

Hello everyone!
Today was absolutely gorgeous. Not much going on this morning, just watch teams and lunch at noon. Our clocks were set back an hour, so we get essentially get an extra hour of sleep tonight! After lunch, we had Leadership followed by Oceanography, including presentations from Madi, Lars, and Hana. We then proceeded to have a man overboard drill, and since the boat was stopped for the drill, we had the delightful surprise of jump-in showers! We have not done one of those since Motril. It was so awesome, everyone was jumping off the bow, and we stayed in the water for a long period of time. The water was probably the best it has ever felt on this trip, and it was so blue. Everyone was so happy, and we were all just at a state of peace during that period of time. I think that was what we needed going further into our Atlantic Ocean crossing, since we have been on this boat for a week, and we have about two more weeks to go. It was great to be able to stretch out the legs a bit more. I, for one, had an excellent time, and it put me in a great mood such a great thing to be able to do.
The crossing has been great so far. The first couple of days were rocky, and some people were not feeling too well. It has smoothed out a lot more since then. The water has been gorgeous, very blue and sometimes glassy, with some excellent sunrises and sunsets to go along with it. We have also seen more marine life, such as dolphins and flying fish! We also caught a Mahi-Mahi yesterday.

I look forward to what is next to come for the remainder of the crossing and also the Caribbean. I can’t believe there are only a little more than three weeks left.
Until next time,

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