Location: Atlantic Day 9: 20*55.61'N by 35*22.91'W

Today was just another day out here in the middle of the big ocean. I woke up and popped my head up on deck and saw something like I’ve never seen before, there was water everywhere I looked! Once I got over that initial surprise, though, the day commenced as it always does, except instead of the normal cereal and milk that we normally feast on for our underway breakfasts, we were treated to some cinnamon cream cheese log rolls specially made by Carolyn and Caitlin at 2 am. Caitlin has also been braiding my hair. From there on out, we had a normal day sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, filled with counting waves and listening to 90s music. We had an exam in the afternoon given to us by our very own onboard marine biologist, Steve Greaves, which I am confident the entire crew did great on. After that, we had our first annual shower, which was a lot of fun, nice to clean ourselves up a bit out here on the ocean. Then we had a nice radical ramen feast for dinner cheffed up by our very own Hana, and then got into clean up jobs, which consisted of cleaning and 90s music. Overall, a very productive day was had out here out on the high seas, and according to my sources, we are about halfway across the ocean. Its a tough life out here, but we do it for the crew and for Argo.

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