Location: Atlantic Day 10: 20*41.43'N by 38*02.32'W

Today was yet another day on the Mid-Atlantic, full of nothing but time and company. A real change of pace was having no classes, instead spending the afternoon hours working on Boat Appreciation, or BA; various upkeep tasks to restore Argo to her shiniest possible state. It went by relatively quickly, giving the group a lot of free time, the only immediate task being to wait for their watch team to be on (which, other than scheduled classes, is the foundation for everyone’s individualized sleep cycle). It’s pretty cool having a bit of time to just watch our course progress. It makes you really aware of clouds, little islands in the sky that can be full of wind and rain or calm, sunny seas. I think that’s pretty neat.
– Stephen
ps – the photos are from two days ago, when we got to take jump in showers in the middle of the Atlantic!