Location: Mountain Point, BVI

Today was an exciting day for our students completing their Open Water certification, as they had their first experience doing a real dive. After spending a few days in the shallows over in Gorda Sound completing their confined water and learning all the skills necessary to dive, they got to do two dives around the reefs and rocks at Mountain Point. They practiced the skills they had learned this past week and also saw a plethora of fish and even a ray. Shipmates that were already certified spent the morning snorkeling and free diving the same site, learning some new species to put into their fish identification logs they keep for marine biology. The afternoon was spent looking up fish in the ID books we have on board, enjoying the water during a jump in showers, and relaxing in the bowsprit or under the tarp up on deck playing chess, singing and playing guitar, or just enjoying the view during another beautiful sunset. After dinner, we all gathered in the saloon for our introduction to oceanography class. As the oceanography instructor, I was very pleased to see how interested our shipmates this semester are in marine science and watch them rush to the sign-up sheet after class to pick their favorite topic for the literature review paper and presentation they will be doing later this semester. Some of us are now headed to bed, but a good number are still up on deck, now learning some sea shanties with Lindsay under the stars. We have some very musically talented people on this boat, and it sounds like a good lullaby to me…

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