Location: Mountain Point, BVI

We woke up this morning in Gorda Sound to the smell of eggs, bacon, and fresh Atlantic air. After a quick morning briefing and introduction to our marine biology class, we shuttled into shore and explored the mangroves along the shoreline. Armed with the snorkel gear, we encountered anemones, cuttlefish, juvenile angelfish and barracuda, and many more fish species. Next, we had a quick lunch, hauled anchor, and headed around the point to our current anchor site, Mountain Point, where we plan to scuba dive for most of the day tomorrow. Underway we had our introduction to our seamanship class and practiced raising the mainsail and learning the parts of a sail. We had a wonderful stir-fry for dinner and watched the sunset behind the Dog Islands. All is well, and we are starting to fall into a good rhythm as a crew thanks to the guidance of our wonderful staff.

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