Location: Navadra Island

Hi, guys. Cap’n Jack here! Today is day 6 of our voyage. We sailed to Navadra – a small, isolated group of islands off of Fiji, which was our first island hop. On the four-hour boat ride over, some started to feel seasick (aka me). As we arrived, Smash spotted around eight black-tip reef sharks in the water.

The island is absolutely majestic. We jumped into the shark-infested waters and swam about half a mile toward the shore. We snorkeled for a while and saw beautiful coral, octopus, and lots of little fish. When we arrived at the shore, there were amazing rock structures formed from volcanoes centuries ago. We explored the rest of the island and saw wild goats, huge bats, crabs, and a wild Ethan sprinting around in the sand.

We got a dingy ride back to the ship, and we took ocean showers, then we dried off by sunbathing as we watched the sunset. Heather made one of the best dinners so far, making homemade naan bread and lentil soup. Tonight’s squeeze question was what pet do you have/what is your dream pet to have? Now we’re chilling in the cabin – about to watch a movie (either Hunger Games or How to Train Your Dragon… people are still debating) after we head to bed. Catch ya on the flip! I hope to see everyone soon. Bye!