Location: Terre de Haut, Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

Last night was our first small passage from Antigua to Les Saintes, small being an exaggeration considering we left around 8:00 AM and arrived around about 11:00 PM. This provided all our crew the opportunity to begin the learning curve for sailing a 112-foot schooner, especially because we arrived after nightfall. This made all the tasks that are hard during the day, like maneuvers and engine room checks, even more difficult. Today was also the first day that Advanced Open Water Divers were able to get into the water. So far, the crew has been learning the ropes and progressing quite nicely. Following an awesome lunch of chicken Caesar wraps, the students working towards the advanced the open water diver cert had a checkout dive. The crew working for their Open Water certifications spent this time doing knowledge reviews in preparation for their first real dives tomorrow. Immediately following the Advanced Open Water dive, we were allowed shore time on one of the two inhabited islands in Les Saintes, which is a French territory. Groups of us went looking for treats that we couldn’t find on the boat like Gelato and WiFi. All in all, day six was a major success, and I believe that we are all looking forward to tomorrow.