Location: The Big Blue

After four hours of scouring the horizon for boats, crates,, and sea moles, watch team one made their way back down the companionway to procure either a bowl of cereal or get a few more hours of rest. The weather today, like the day before it, was hot hot hot and I think everyone was pretty excited when showers rolled around after class. In oceanography, we watched an interesting documentary on the fishing industry, that we are basing our social experiment on, requiring both self-control and M&Ms, to demonstrate how our fisherman became corrupt. ( PSA FOR SUSHI LOVERS: avoid bluefin tuna! ! ! ! !). The ocean was beautiful and calm all day, aside from the occasional, but lethal attacks of the flying fish. Throughout the day, many received this metaphorical slap from Neptune, in the form of an airborne fish flying 10-15 feet out of the ocean to directly hit a crewmember or two. The sunset is stunning, and the stars beginning to appear are even more so.
I can’t believe we have 21 days left.

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