Location: Atlantic Day 13: 19*19.68'N by 46*03.92'W

Today given our current location with not a lot of day-to-day distractions, it was still quite eventful. In the morning, watch team three helped de rust part of the boat while maintaining a vigilant watch. It was not long before we had lunch, including a one-hour time change as we get closer to are the final destination. After lunch we had a recap class in PEN before are exam on radios this Friday, this was followed by an OCE lecture that seemed almost to cause world war three over m&m’s. Yet by far, the most exciting thing to happen today was no doubt the discovery of another sailboat off are bow, all while the sun was setting in the distance. But all in all, it was still just another day of calm waves, low winds, and the engines running propelling us slowly toward Dominica, with only 20 days to go before the very end of our trip.

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