Location: Atlantic Day 14: 18*52.42'N by 48*36.19'W

Today began with a lovely change of pace as I was greeted on my early morning watch by a calm sea and absolutely zero wind. It is now the fourteenth day on the glassy Atlantic, and I have come to the conclusion that the world no longer exists beyond my limited view of the horizon. Today we celebrated “Thanksgiving” aboard with a day off from classes and by eating copious amounts of butter and sugar, which came courtesy of our bakers Tina and Carmen. In addition to getting type 2 diabetes, we had an absolutely wonderful time of jump in showers. Most everyone practiced their best Jack Sparrow dive, which went about as well as any movie character impression does (take that as you will.) I personally finished up my free time by re-watching Frozen, because it was the only movie on the boat flash drive that I hadn’t seen three times. As I am typing this, a large bird has decided to hitch a ride on Argo in the cockpit. The newly dubbed “Mr. T” is currently being observed/mildly harassed by watch team two. I am going to finish up the blog now because it is swelteringly hot in the chart house where this computer is located and I have already removed all the clothing I am legally allowed to remove, so just to help get the final points through here are some Haikus about the light winds.
Light Wind Blues and an Ocean Snooze
The windless ocean
Like a song on repeat, played
for weeks endlessly
Two weeks motoring
Like driving coast to coast at
seven miles per hour

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