Location: Atlantic Day 15: 18*13.74'N by 51*07.34'W

Hello, my ever-enthusiastic followers,
I hope you have been enjoying our enthralling blog! My morning began with the sad news that Mr. T, our beloved-feathered friend, had departed after a grueling 45 min watch. Our 12 am – 4 am watch went by without a hitch as we preoccupied ourselves with weird and wonderful questions. After a delicious lunch, we all prepared ourselves for the monumental task that lay before us… Our VHF exam (DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!!) All went well (we hope), and afterward, we began our student leadership class. The one thing that we all look forward to is our first annual shower that happens daily ( yes, daily first annual showers). With the hot, sticky Caribbean heat upon us, every opportunity to cool off and freshen up is taken. The once cold and daunting passage showers are now my favorite part of the day. It also gives us the chance to work on getting rid of our glorious PFD tan lines. The much-deserved shout to head chef George (aka Jorjito ‘Hor-heet-oh’) and co. for the yummy Jambalaya (call it even George?).
The sad realization that our crossing is coming to an end was accelerated by the sight of a tropical land-based bird today. With only 600nm left until Dominica, I am starting to realize just how awesome this experience has been. The things I have learned will stay with me forever thanks to my crewmates and especially the awesome staff. We have been through a lot together, but it has been the most amazing time in my life. As we get tantalizingly close to land, and as the idea of speaking to our families grows in our minds, we all become increasingly more excited. We all miss you very much and are having a ball, so don’t worry!
As my final blog entry, I just want to say, happy reading families, friends, and random followers. We look forward to gracing your screens soon.

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