Location: Atlantic Day 16: 17* 27.58' N by 53* 49.69' W

Day 16 of passage, life has been pretty routine and simple. The days fly by as every mile we trek closer to Dominica. My day started early, at 12 am, to be exact with a warm, cloudless watch. The stars bright and bold across the night sky. It really is quite amazing to gaze upon the constellations with no lights in sight. As I look at the bright sky and see showers of meteors fall across the sky, I often find myself thinking of how small we are in this giant galaxy. I’ve noticed that the stories of back home and “what are you going to do when you get back?” have passed. It seems pointless to ask them now unless you want to hear the same answer you heard last night or the night before that. The only thing to focus on now is the present; this is harder then it seems. In a long passage, everything is going on, but nothing is going on. To stay sharp and not get worked up about the little things that go on, I stay occupied by reading a constellation field guide to understanding the night sky and checking the fishing lines waiting for the next tuna to grab ahold.