Location: Roseau, Dominica

Today was another great day on the beautiful island of Dominica. The start of the day consisted of eating delicious fruits that we picked off of some of the local trees and a swim at the Emerald Pool. This natural pool was just a short walk through some beautiful rainforest forest. Once we had finished the swim, we went off to pick some more delicious fruits for lunch. We also were made chocolate fresh from coco bean while enjoying some samples of Breadfruit and smoked jerked chicken. Then we climbed some coconut trees on the beach for some coconuts. After our energy was replenished, we headed to go and visit two beautiful waterfalls. It was a bit of a trek to reach them, but once we saw them up close and we saw the deep pools, it created it was well worth it. We proceeded to jump into the pool, swim and even do a bit of climbing up the waterfall. On are way down we found some steaming hot water coming from the mountain that we got to enjoy and concluded our day.