Location: Roseau, Dominica

Our students set off today to visit a local middle school here in Dominica. Having crossed an ocean together, the students have become the masters of marine and nautical science. They are embarking on the greatest test of their new skills by imparting their knowledge upon these bright young Dominicans. There was knot tying, sailing terminology, and fish identification drawings galore. I hope that we will have inspired both groups of students to further themselves on either side of the educational desk. The trip is coming into the final weeks now, causing everyone to pause and relish the moments they have remaining onboard S/Y Argo. Dominica has been a big hit so far, but we still haven’t even seen all the natural beauty it has yet to offer. Tonights squeeze question was “what nonrelative would you turn to if you were in trouble, and it produced a myriad of unexpected responses. Some turned to the sisters of their best friends because they knew of the aloof nature of those best friends, while other students chose to call upon responsible acquaintances in their time of need because of the fear that their best friend would be a party to the aforementioned trouble. The evening concluded with a showing of “Finding Dory. There are some MAJOR Pixar fans aboard this boat. The “Frozen” references are becoming too much to bear. It is not even cold outside… Now that it is December, the holiday music has been unleashed upon the salon with fury and zealotry rivaling only Buddy the Elf. Waking up to songs blaring in C-major is one of the more unique ways I have been roused out of bed. All is well here in Argo-land! I hope all is well back home.
Until next time,
Ian M.

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