Location: Dominica - Les Saintes

Today was a great day, I speak to you as a self-appointed pseudo skipper for the real skipper title goes to Mr. Colin Green and in fact, every other shipmate really, for they finally took full control of the ship, don’t worry parents and loved ones it wasn’t a mutiny, in fact, it was fully intentional to allow them to plan all aspects of our short passage to Les Saintes, including engineering, sail plans, and navigation, all of which went without a hitch, and we made it safely to our destination. Everyone chipped in and did their fair share of work with staff on standby for any issues that arose, I myself had time to finalize their final Biology exam (which I’m sure they’re all dreading) and many other small errands that needed doing. It’s great to see these guys finally take control of the ship they’ve spent so long living on and getting to know and to see them still learning.

While we were in the lee of Dominica, we spotted six sperm whales, two of which surfaced right next to our boat and remained next to us for several minutes. Once we got out past the island, the wind picked up, and we were able to sail comfortably with four sails up to our destination. Upon arriving in Les Saints the day wasn’t yet complete for the boat needed to be put to bed, so a quick BA was in order before getting down and sweaty in depths of the laz where the key for the next couple of days was, that being the dive kit, all of which needed to come out so everyone can finally complete their respective dive courses, advanced and rescue. The next couple of days will no doubt be a grand few spent in the glorious Caribbean sun, enjoying the warm blue Caribbean waters and seeing yet another new destination.