Location: Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

As final exams approach and diving certifications wrap up, the crew of Argo spent the day studying and diving in the beautiful waters of Les Saintes. Nothing but sunny blue skies and the tropical heat to greet us as we started our day. Those of us finishing our advanced open water certification geared up for our peak performance buoyancy lesson, and the rest went for a fun dive. Our dive site of the day rested at just under 40 feet and was centered around the large wreck of an old ferry boat. In our time below the surface, we played underwater limbo and had fin-less races along the bottom. Upon our return, the rescue divers had to spring into action during to rescue our fallen Wiggy from the deep (staged, of course). The rest of us watched in amusement as the instructors added obstacles to impede their efforts.

Tonight we will take our fish ID quiz, marking the official start of exam week. I know I speak for most when I say I can’t think of a better place to spend it!