Location: Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

Bridgette is just the worst… LOL Today’s schedule was about the same as yesterday’s. We found out our Nav Master exam and the rest of our finals were pushed forward a day so we could take today to properly study how to plot a course to steer to counteract a tidal stream before our exam. (most of us needed an extra day) So half of us had a morning Seamanship class while the other half went on the final dive of the trip in two groups. We then switched groups after lunch. For everyone going for their advanced dive cert (the majority of us), we finished the last skills to become officially certified! We had to execute our underwater navigation skills using our compasses to swim with our partners twenty kick cycles at a certain bearing, out of sight of our starting point and then used the reciprocal heading to swim back. One partner counted the kick cycles, and the other guided with the compass, and then we switched. We then had to do the same thing, this time swimming in a square to arrive back at the starting point.

After our skills, we swam north a little way and checked out a little shoal. Among the sandy bottom and coral covered rocks on the shoal, there was an abundance of life. There were massive starfish, long wriggling eels, and plenty of colorful and interesting fish, including a massive lionfish, parrotfish, butterflyfish, loads of wrasses, and a spotted drum. We were able to identify lots of the fish thanks to Steves fish I.D. quiz we just took last night. Weve finished diving, now its time to kill it on the Seamanship final and become Nav-Masters. Hopefully, the extra time today has prepared everyone. Im feeling quite confident thanks to Ians thorough lessons, but still, fingers crossed. Just another day in paradise.

Trevor Mayes

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