Location: Les Saintes, Guadeluope

Half of the Argo crew began today by taking their Navigation Master Exam, whilst the other half went to shore for the first time since arriving in Les Saints. At one o’clock, the groups switched. Congrats to everyone for completing the daunting test. Fingers crossed we all passed! We found the town to be an expensive mix of French and Caribbean culture with beautiful beaches, great cafes, and a lot of tie-dye aesthetics. The crepes were naturally gluten-free to Madi’s excitement, and the playground was pretty bomb. Some people used some shore time to frantically finish picking classes and internships for the next semester. We leave tonight for our last passage to Antigua, where we will finish up our finals and enjoy the island until we depart on the 13th.

Au Revoir,
Danielle & the S/Y Argo Crew FOM16


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