Location: Falmouth Harbor, Antigua

Finals week is coming to a close, and with it, the final countdown for everything looms near. Our final passage was undertaken last night, and it was a beautiful one. We had strong, steady winds hitting us on the beam all through the night, which made for a swift and dulcet sail to Falmouth Harbor, Antigua. With the sunrise, we saw the land breach from the horizon. RJ, Chris, and Pat were very excited to see the “Nirvana of Super Yachts.” An avid follower of superyachts, RJ was thrilled to finally see two or three he had been reading about. “S/Y Maltese Falcon,” a 289ft clipper inspired yacht graced us with a presentation of her canvas as she exited the harbor. It was impressive to see all those sails unfurl and fill with wind. Vertigo, Regina, Nero, Germania Nova, Rebecca, and many more are crowded amongst the docks of Falmouth Harbor. The Antigua Super Yacht Show is coming to a close here just as our program comes to a close as well. With the last few exams winding down, everyone has found that they have time again; Time to tackle personal projects and goals, and time to relax and reflect on the journey. It has been a fulfilling and eventful 86 days thus far, and there are still just a few more to go. Stay tuned for the final days!

Ian M