Location: Falmouth Harbor, Antigua


For some of the crew, it was their very first semester of college classes under their belt. For all of the crew, it was a momentous occasion. We had studied hard, traveled far, and had many expansive experiences along the way. Our last final was Marine Biology; it was a cumulative exam. We turned in our species ID book for the last time and took it to the shores of Antigua. Some of us hunted down wifi to connect with loved ones or register for classes in the spring. While a few took to the beautiful white sandy beaches and soaked in the light rays from the giant ball of nuclear fusion floating in the sky. Some of the crew took the time to explore the local stores and do some last-minute Christmas shopping for the folks back home. After dingy rides back to Argo, we ate dinner and had our closing ceremony. We watched the movie montages created by Carmen, Tommy, and Madi. Ian, our blog master, compiled photos of our journey together and made a slideshow. The salon roared with laughter and stories of, “Remember when…”. Then Carolyn read us a story. She talked of how thoughtful comments from our fellow humans can be deeply meaningful. They help inspire us to keep moving forward and creating more connections. Tonight is our last night at anchor, and we will be moving to our final destination tomorrow afternoon.
I really wanted to ask the squeeze question, “What’s one day of your life that you’d want to relive?” But alas, the rain came during dinner and we scurried down below and the evening began.
Instead, I asked the group what their favorite color was and ended squeeze by whispering our favorite pizza topping.
We did it guys, Congrats! *cue the confetti and pomp and circumstance*

Love always,