Location: Underway to St. Helena

It is currently day 9 of passage, and we’re expected to arrive at St. Helena tomorrow! Energy is high on board, and everyone is excited to be able to see land again and go anywhere that isn’t on this boat. I was talking with Beau earlier about how it will be crazy to be able to see something that isn’t open ocean again – it still hasn’t really sunk in for me that we’re in the process of crossing an ocean. I’ve gotten so used to waking up to ocean all around me, and I can’t quite tell if it will be heartbreaking to have to leave St. Helena after a few days to do another huge crossing or if I’ll spend my time on land antsy to get back out in the ocean. Either way, I think everyone is looking forward to a change of pace, and a restock of snacks. It keeps getting warmer, and the wind keeps getting lighter. It’s starting to really feel like we’re hitting the tropics, and it’s crazy to think about how rough the seas were and how cold the air was just a week ago. Leaving Cape Town feels like so long ago, but the days at sea have all felt like a bit of a blur. They all run together and feel like they never quite end with the addition of night watches. I think we’ve all fallen into the rhythm of things though, and everything from the job wheel to typical commands on deck is starting to feel more and more comfortable.

Today was a pretty big day on Argo! Watch team 1 spent the morning putting up the fisherman sail for the first time in over a year, which was very exciting. We also spent a solid amount of time polishing and then did some laundry on deck. Elisabeth, Max, Peter, and I filled up some buckets and stomped away on our dirty laundry while listening to Bruno Mars, which was quite an experience but very enjoyable. We had our first oceanography quiz, and it seems like the consensus is that it went pretty well. We also had a man overboard drill where we all mustered on deck and set up the rescue swimmer lines. We then spent around an hour and a half doing boat appreciation, where we all deep cleaned the boat (and changed sheets!!), which was very exciting. Today I am grateful to Nick for cleaning up the mold from a few onions that had gone rotten and were hiding in the corner of the salon. I’m also appreciative of getting to sleep in some clean sheets tonight before my 4-8 am watch 🙂 And that was pretty much the day! Dinner was couscous, and the daily squeeze question was, “what is one song lyric or verse from a poem that you relate to, and why?” My favorite answers were Peter serenading Will with Justin Bieber lyrics and Gabe saying he’d been thinking a lot about “we tha best” by DJ Khaled.

Will wants to let everyone know that he beat Freddie in rock paper scissors and got to blow the horn of the boat after our man overboard drill. He is very proud of himself (what’s new). Natalie is thinking a lot about how mint stems are shaped like squares, with a touch of thoughts from the Economist sprinkled in there as well. Beau has gotten very into sea shanties, which watch team 1 has spent a lot of time practicing. Claire and I both fell over and spilled our couscous during dinner. Tim does not like to do the waffle handhold during squeeze, just the regular one. Nolan thinks he could take a wild boar one on one and come out victorious. Gabe D thinks he could beat a mountain lion, no question. David avoided answering my squeeze question (in the same way he avoids many of my questions) but said he’d think about it and let me know, so check back in after another month or so. Audrey can breathe in the hallways again now that there has been a deep clean of the two 6-person boys’ rooms. And MG has a hidden bag of KitKats and Twix that she broke out a few hours ago and shared, so I’d say it’s been a pretty good day. And that’s about all that’s new here! See ya in St. Helena 🙂

Peter, me, and Elisabeth doing our laundry
Nolan is at the wheel while Max plays guitar
Taking down the main sail! With a very enthusiastic Will

– Emma W.