Location: Cocos Keeling, Australia

Today, Day 32 of our 90-day journey around half of the globe. Now we have spent over one-third of our time aboard, and the days are starting to fly by. Great friendships are being made, and everyone is starting to mesh as a whole. Well, as for today, we had our first full day in this ocean oasis called Cocos Keeling Island. It’s a secluded spot tucked away in the middle of the Indian Ocean, closely protected by the Aussies. It has been said that the marine life here rivals that at the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific. Today we were able to take in this natural wonder by having two epic dives along the colorful reefs where we saw everything from rare coral formations that are only found here to curious black-tipped reef sharks swimming by almost in arms reach to say hello. After that, we went ashore to explore one of the atolls islands, the beaches are something that you would see in a travel brochure or a commercial, and when exploring, we found that the shells seemed to move by themselves but soon discovered that these little hermit crabs were only inhabitants on this island besides the occasional seabirds stopping by for a pit stop and the random chicken that chilled near the picnic tables with its own water bowl. The day came to a peaceful close, with everyone together talking about their day and with a sunset that seemed to be painted across the sky with no color forgotten as the backdrop. Today was a day that all the crew aboard Argo will not soon forget, and tomorrow we will have more of the same of this indescribable wonderland here on Cocos Keeling Island.