Location: Cocos Keeling, Australia

Today we arrived at Cocos Keeling, and what a sight it is. Everyone was taken back and stunned by the sheer beauty of everything from the islands to the water. This is easily the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited. After lunch today, we had to do a BA in order to get the salt off everything. Even though the work can be a bit dry at times, it’s pretty fun because everyone is taking part in making Argo look good. I was in one of the dinghies soaping and waxing the hull from the outside, and what an interesting adventure that was. After we finished up with BA, it was shower time, and we were all looking forward to this because Dan told us we were allowed to shower in the ocean today, and that’s always fun. The water was a nice relief after a few hours of cleaning in the relentless sun. Once shower time was over, a few of us decided to go snorkeling out by the reef because we had heard that there were some truly amazing sights to see underwater. The two big highlights of the snorkeling trip were seeing a school of about 30 parrotfish and seeing 3 different Black Tip Reef sharks in close proximity. Seeing those sharks was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, and I can’t wait to go back to the reef tomorrow and dive to see what else is in store.