Location: Underway to Cocos Keeling in the Indian Ocean

We are 1/3 of the way through this 90-day voyage on Argo. It started out as a fairly routine morning, but things began rolling along after lunch. Our first class was Marine Biology, where we learned all about Cephalopods. I never realized how good they were at camouflaging and sneaking up on prey. We watched a few short clips demonstrating the cunningness of the octopus. We saw them change the way they swim and how they changed the placement of their tentacles while swimming to imitate different animals. The best video was one where a shark and an octopus were put in a tank together at an aquarium. The shark decided to pry on the octopus. Eventually, the octopus camouflaged itself in with the seafloor, so when the shark swam by, the octopus grabbed it, wrapping his tentacles around the shark, and won the fight. In MTE class, we began learning about navigation and got our first practice fun assignment- Kevin’s way of naming homework, so it’s more exciting. After class, while on deck, there was a sea turtle spotting. He was about two feet in diameter and swam past Argo. This was many shipmate’s first time seeing a sea turtle. I’d say a good first to experience and to commemorate finishing the first third of our voyage.