Location: Underway to Cocos Keeling in the Indian Ocean

Today has been a fairly regular day of watches. I was on from 0300 until 0600, which included sunrise. The sunrise coincided with the moon’s fall this morning which was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. The unmatched break of the day makes me really think about my time out at sea and instill a sense of accomplishment and awe for where I am and what we, the entire crew and staff of Argo, are doing. We are undertaking a huge task, crossing the Indian Ocean, though sometimes it seems a bit less daunting because of how it is broken up. The day was filled with classes, PSCT, where we learned about planning a passage which I have done before but will do again in much further detail. We also had a class in Oceanography in plate tectonics, which I always enjoy. What is most amazing is that with every hour, we get closer to being in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and effectively the middle of nowhere. There has been a lot of studying for me the past few days, but nothing more than an average college day. Watch is back on tonight at 2100, which is my least favorite watch, but I am sure that everyone on my watch is looking forward to the story that I have prepared. Watch team two (Beaks, Kris, Joe, Louis, Louise, Grace, Nora, and I) have started to tell stories that correspond to the letters of the alphabet. I have the letter P tonight. Maybe a story about Paris is in order. Good night all.