Location: Portofino, Italy

This morning we awoke to a scrumptiously prepared breakfast of pancrepes (a halfway mix of crepes and pancakes) by Tom and Sam. After fighting off the onslaught of bees onboard, we boarded the dinghy and arrived on the shores of Portofino around 9am, just in time for nothing to be open. The crew killed some time by hanging out under the entrance to Castello Brown, before Pete finally asked a street sweeper to open the gates for us (which he surprisingly held the keys to). After a short hike to the top of a peak on the island, we reached the Brown Castle, perched in the trees overlooking a small marina to one side, the yacht-filled bay to another side and the Mediterranean to the third side. We descended to a genuine Portofinian lunch of pizza, paninis, and Coca-Colas. The group split up into boys and girls for the better half of the afternoon, guys hitting the public rock beach almost immediately while the girls on the trip stayed in the village to do some shopping. The rest of our day was spent hanging out on the beaches, dodging private beach security, and doing flips off the side of Argo. We just finished our pesto pasta and were about to embark on our trip through the night to Monte Carlo.