Location: Portofino, Italy

After a delightful breakfast of fluffy scrambled eggs flecked with rich, salty Italian pancetta, we journeyed ashore to the quaint town of Portovenere. This old Italian fishing village is infinite in its charm with the old pastel buildings tucked in shoulder to shoulder hiding unique shops that offer authentic local goods like pesto, olive oil, and wine. The students came back loaded down with great gifts for friends and family and full of the delicious local fare. After a tasty lunch, all hands pitched in and got us underway to our next destination: Portofino. We pulled up anchor and motored along the gorgeous, dramatic northwestern Italian coastline, which was dotted with homes on impossible perches, the quaint fishing villages of the Cinque Terre, and fellow sailboats meandering up and down the coast. A tailwind picked up on our way and we pitched sails for a dead run, but alas, the breeze was only a perfunctory exhale from the mouth of Aeolus. Undaunted, we packed the sails away and continued along for the panoramic remainder of our 35-nautical-mile journey. Around 6 p.m. we arrived at the spectacular point of Portofino whose distinguishing features include structures ranging from crenulated medieval fortifications to modern luxury homes thronged along dramatic tree-lined cliffs that drop sharply into the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic. With Argo now secure, we are free to relax onboard this evening with a movie night and popcorn, all of which will be set up on deck thanks to Captain Sean’s projector and speakers and my spur of the moment purchase of popcorn kernels a few days ago. Tomorrow brings the promise of another day of adventure, excitement, and discovery, only adding further to this epic and halcyon summer. May we please extend this summer into eternity?